8 comments on “Hyaku Monogatari Kaidankai

  1. My daughter lived in Kobe, Japan, for a year after she graduated from college. She taught English, courtesy of the JET program. I remember her talking about going to festivals, etc. I will have to ask her if one of them was “The Dance of the Dead.” She sure loved Japan. Vickie

  2. They have so many wonderful festivals in Japan. It’s like they try to think up every reason possible to celebrate with each other. It is a fabulous country and I hope someday to return to it.

    • You are very welcome and thank you as well, Stuart. I’m glad you liked the story. I wrote it for Halloween at my weekly writer’s group. Horror stories are just one of the things I like to write.

      • I like reading unnerving stories but I do need to be careful when….My imagination kicks in as soon as my head hits the pillow so I try to restrict myself to something ‘tame’ after 9.00pm…Still, sometimes a chill does you good.

      • It’s funny, because a really scary movie or story can stick with me for a very long time, but then I can write this really scary stuff that doesn’t affect me at all…

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