6 comments on “The Long Flight to Adak, Alaska

  1. Wow, who’s the great writer now? Not me. Great post. I had a flight like that to NYC last spring. The little kid was kicking my seat so much, I finally stood up, turned around, and said to his mother, “Really?” That was all I had, but the mom switched places with me and he continued to kick the empty seat beside me. Which was annoying too.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. I know exactly what you mean. Why couldn’t the mom on your flight just tell her son to “stop that”? Even though the scenario in my story is half fiction, I took all of it from real life. Such as the little boy. When my son was very young, he loved video games. (Hmm, he still does at age 28, but I digress.) Anyway, he would get so caught up in them that he blocked out all signs of real life around him. I actually did fly to Adak Alaska two days after I got married, but I spent the entire trip sitting alone, crying my eyes out. That was one long, awful flight.

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