33 comments on “Bird that “Meows” Like a Cat

    • Oh my god! that is funny. Wish I could see that for myself. I just adore mockingbirds, not just because of their beautiful and fascinating songs, but also because they are so spunky. They will sit on top of the chimney of these two-story houses and fearlessly sing their hearts out, as if they want to show off to the entire world.

      • It was a hoot watching the cat crawling close to the ground cautiously easing his way away from the mockingbird’s claimed territory. The mockingbird (aptly named) would fly down just above the cat’s head, squawking at him the entire time. It was not the glorious sound usually heard during their treetop symphonies. You could tell the cat was being told to retreat. Smart cat. He did just that. It really was funny.

      • Mockingbirds are spunky little birds that is for sure. Kind of like hummingbirds that are even smaller. I had a hummingbird fly very close to my face one day when I was walking past the yard where they feed. Wasn’t sure if it was for a closer look or to warn me away. Nevertheless, it startled me to say to least.

      • Harper Lee, Dodie Smith (The Hundred and One Dalmatians) and Margret Mitchell (Gone with the Wind) are all one time master storytellers. My guess is that they just had the one story to tell, but knew how to tell it damn well!

        BTW, I adore both the book and the film versions of To Kill a Mockingbird. For me, Gregory Peck will always be Atticus Finch. He played that part to the hilt!

        I must admit, I never read the book, Gone with the Wind, but I’ve watched the movie many times. As for The Hundred and One Dalmatians, the book kills to cutesy Disney movie. In fact it was, hands down, my favorite book to read in elementary school.

      • I just watched in somewhat interesting documentary about Harper Lee. It seems she might have had more stories to tell but she was so concerned that they wouldn’t live up to To Kill a Mockingbird that she didn’t tell them. There are also speculations about how much she contributed to Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood.

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  2. I’ve certainly become a fan of mockingbirds since moving to their territory a couple of years ago. Graceful, clever, full of wonderful sound mimicry, and elegant in their white-striped suits!

    • They are the most delightful birds that I have yet to witness. Whenever I go outside, I eagerly look for them. Their songs and playful, unabashed behavior make me smile every time.

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