10 comments on “Northern Cardinal with Babies

  1. I have several families of cardinals here, and I can’t wait to see the babies arrive this spring. Birds are a joy to have around. It’s like having a private concert here in the mornings lately. Most of the birds tolerate each other pretty well. I throw out handfuls of cat food through out the day for them, so there is no real need to fight. The price of bird seed as gone through the roof, so that’s off the menu for now, but the birds don’t seem to care.

    • It’s food, right? That’s all the birdies see and taste. Who cares if the label says “Cat” on it. And cat food is cheap. I know. I buy it for a little stray kitty and “friends” that live in my apartment complex.

      • You’re a good woman, Ledia. I am a sucker for those strays too. It seems about any animal I ever owned came into my life by being a homeless critter first. 😉

      • Thank you for the sweet compliment, Orples. I love my stray kitty, a little tortoiseshell, so much. The way she looks at me and gives me love nudges, let’s me know how much she loves me too. But her little friends never come close. I only know that they are getting feed too because of the amount of cat food gone in the morning is way than my stray kitty would eat. And one night, I saw the little black and white kitty dash away from my corner of the apartments when I came up the stairs from the parking lot. I also saw the little tiger kitty from a distance a couple of times. Poor babies look so beat up. Who can even guess what an awful life they must have had. When I started feeding the tortoiseshell, she looked half-starved and was limping. Now she is fat and sassy!

  2. I have a fat, sassy stray that used to hiss at me from under the car about 6 months ago. Now he hangs out on the porch with the rest of my spoiled, worthless (but loved) critters. LOL. I just can’t turn a hungry creature away.

    • I know what you mean. The world of stays needs peeps like us to love and take care of them. My dad was the same way, only he had cats, dogs and even a baby raccoon!

    • The baby cardinals are all a grayish color except that the males may have a bit of reddish in their plumage. This was why I first mistook the first baby cardnial I saw for a tufted titmouse. The tufted titmouse has a a brushy crest like the northern cardinal on top of its head.

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