16 comments on “What is your favorite horror classic?

    • Thank you so much, Marilyn for telling us about your fav horror. You are certainly not alone in your admiration for zombie stories and the “Walking Dead” in particular. I have talked with people who absolutely hate horror. They are so terrified by the stories and movies that they have terrible nightmares. I used to be that way too until I found myself reading Stephen King. To me, he was such a wonderful writer that I could not put his books down once I started reading them. My favorite horror story is actually Pet Sematary (the novel) by Stephen King. But my favorite classic horror story is the “Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Alan Poe. The villain is so sneaky and heartless. And the ending is so unexpected and terrible!

  1. I have yet to see anything that begins to compare with “The Shining” by Stephen King. I think Jack Nicholson and Shelly Deval were perfect for their parts. I’ll never forget the staircase scene, the first time I saw it. Of course the Hannibel Lecter series is a winner with me too, but I’m told that’s not under the horror genre. Could have fooled me. I think cannibalism is pretty frigging terrifying.

    • The Shining was a classic horror movie, that is for certain. I have yet to get through the novel though. As for Pet Sematary, the opposite is true for me. I could not put the novel down, but the movie could not even hold a candle to book version. I have not read any of the Hannibel Lecter books, but the movie, Silence of the Lamb was stunning in its depiction of the serial killer, James Gumb, a.k.a. “Buffalo Bill”. Hannibal Lecter was terrifying, but it was the character James Gumb that sent horrifying chills up my spine with every scene of creepy him in that creepy house.

      • Did you see Hannibal Rising? That was a great movie, too. My youngest child collects me to accompany him to go to the horror flicks, since his girlfriend refuses to go with him. We saw ‘Hannibal Rising’, and I sat there and squirmed through the whole movie. I just had to have that large drink prior to the beginning of the movie, and of course the movie was too good to miss for ANY reason. If you haven’t seen it, and you like horror flicks, it is a good one to see. Just don’t drink a lot beforehand unless you’re watching on DVD. 😉

      • I saw Red Dragon, Silence of the Lamb and Hannibal, but I have not seen Hannibal Rising. I will put it on my Netflix list of must sees. Thank you for tip. I will need to get my daughter to watch it with me though. I don’t dare watch anything truly creepy while alone. EEEK!

      • I think it came out later than the others did, even though it told the story of Hannibal Lectures childhood and revealed why he became a cannibal. Brice, my (grown) baby is my movie, bud. It was Brice that talked me into Willow years ago. I didn’t want to see that one because it was a kid’s movie, but it turned out to be my all time favorite movie … EVER. If you’ve not seen it, do. You’ll love it! That one is not scary, but if I were you, I’d include my daughter anyway, because she would love it, too.

      • I adore Willow as well. I even own the movie. My daughter was thinking of naming her daughter, if she has one someday, Elora Danan. I think there are books about Elora Danan as a grownup. That might be a fun story to read.

      • OK, here are the books with an older Elora Danan, Chronicles of the Shadow War trilogy by Chris Claremont & George Lucas. I am going to add that to my wish list on Amazon. Man, is that list getting long. LOL! I need to sell a lot of books so I can buy all the books I want!

      • I was talking about the movie. I’ve not read any of the books on the Lecture series. So, I have no opinion there.

      • It’s late, I’m tired…running on about 2 cylinders right now, so the error was probably on my end. No worries, I’ve not kept up with so much in the literary world lately (which I should not admit, in public, I’m sure). 😉

      • Ditto, Ledia. I’m getting ready to call it day in just a few. I’ll be back tomorrow, though … still trying to catch up. I’ve been working on book 3 most of the day today, so I’m behind again. ;( LOL.

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