8 comments on “Risshakuji Temple (Yamadera, Japan)

  1. My friend’s son, a Marine, and his wife just returned from Japan. They say it is beautiful, although even if the opportunity presented itself, I would hesitate to go anytime soon, due to the earthquake last year that released all of the radiation. I somehow find it hard to believe that problem is not a whole lot more severe than our Governments are letting on. My heart aches for the people that are suffering the consequences of that horrible spill. The photo you chose to go with your Description of the Shoki is gorgeous. Nice post, Ledia. 🙂

    • Thank you, Marcy. I hope Japan is alright as well. I fell in love with the country and the people when I lived there several years ago. I would hate to think they are suffering still.

  2. Very impressive Ledia! Is it really as you describe it or is this a figment of your imagination? either way it is awesome!

    • I have actually never been there, but have done extensive research on Yamadera and Risshakuji Temple complex because it is a place I use in my novel, Legend of the Tengu Prince. I hope when I finally do get there that it is as magical as I imagine it to be.

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