6 comments on “A Saga of Seduction in Japan: Tale of Genji (The first novel ever written) Part One

  1. Hey Lydia,thanks for sharing. I have Tales of Genji, two book series, with me. But have never got aroung to reading it. You made me curious enough to read it. Look forward to next part of your artcle.

    • I first read the Tale of Genji when I was living in Japan. It’s Japanese title is Genji Monogatari meaning Genji Story in Japanese. The first part of the book that tells of Genji himself is the best part. I hope you will get a chance to read it soon, Sonali..

  2. Sorry! I found 2 mistakes in my comment. I typed your name wrongly,Ledia! Instead of around I wrote aroung! Before I could correct, I lost connection .:(

    • It’s OK, Sonali. I didn’t even notice. My name is spelled differently than the way most would spell it so I barely notice anymore when it is spelled with a y instead of an e. I enjoy hearing from you. Hope you are having a wonderful week!

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