6 comments on “Haiku from: Legend of the Tengu Prince

  1. Simply marvelous site. Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding. May they have many years of wedded bliss, and the strength of steadfast love.

  2. LOVED IT. “One day he would return. One day he would have his revenge when Sojobo least suspected it. In fact, they would all pay for what they had done this day.”

    • TY, David. The evil tengu in Tengu Prince was so fun to write. He is such a nasty sociopath who will do anything and stop at nothing to have his revenge. The kind of bad guy that is equally fun to squash in the end… You should check out my novel that this is from. It’s e-book is free right now on Smashwords. I would love to have you read it and tell me what you think.

      • The link is on the same page as the haiku. It will take you right to the place where you can buy the ebook. Don’t forget to use the coupon code also on the haiku post page. I know there is a lot on the haiku page so the link probably is getting a bit lost. Maybe I need to put in in caps and bold it.

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